Kick-off meeting

The 11 partners of MCDS-Therapy met in Brussels to officially launch the project.

The MCDS-Therapy project is off to a great start. Having been awarded a grant of €5,700,000 from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 fund in December 2017, 10 of the 11 partners involved met in Brussels for a kick-off meeting in February 2018.

The meeting was a chance for all the partners to meet face-to-face for the first time, to learn about what each other does, to go over the overall plan for the MCDS-Therapy, and to discuss the next steps that need to be taken. Each partner gave a presentation to the rest of the consortium to explain their own aims, plans and expected outcomes for the project.

We were pleased to welcome Iiro Eerola from the European Commission, who gave an overview of the Horizon 2020 grant and the EC’s work and focus on rare diseases. This was followed by number of productive discussions about the overall trial design, and data analysis, which will help to ensure that the trial is in a great place when launched later in the year.

A number of smaller break out meetings were planned and all of the partners left with a clear sense of the road ahead, and the work they need to focus on over the next few months.