The latest news from the MCDS-Therapy team.

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The MCDS-Therapy clinical trial is now open!

We are delighted to announce that MCDS-Therapy is now recruiting patients in the UK. We know that many people will have questions about the MCDS-Therapy clinical trial, and we have tried to answer the big ones in this blog.
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What does a CTU do?

Academics and researchers are absolutely fantastic when it comes to science. But when it comes to running clinical trials and all the regulations surrounding them, they need a little bit of help moving forward. That’s where a Clinical Trials Unit, or CTU, comes in.
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Connecting with other organisations

MCDS is a rare genetic skeletal disease. There are plenty of organisations and networks around the world who patients, families and doctors can get information and support from. There are no other organisations focused on MCDS but the list below…

Successful first annual meeting in Bologna!

Representatives of our 11 partners gathered in Bologna for the first annual meeting, 29-30th October. What happens you combine 24 scientists, clinicians, clinical trial officers, charity workers and professional organisers with the finest tagliatelle…

Why are we doing biomarker discovery?

What is a biomarker and why is the MCDS-Therapy team trying to find one? Sciomics, the partner focusing on this part of our work, have written this handy blog to keep you in-the-know. Having a rare disease is challenging for patients…

MCDS presented for the first time

Professor Mike Briggs presented the work behind MCDS-Therapy at Findacure’s Drug Repurposing for Rare Diseases conference. As an academic-led, industry-free drug repurposing project for an ultra-rare disease, the MCDS-Therapy team is keen…

Kick-off meeting

The 11 partners of MCDS-Therapy met in Brussels to officially launch the project. The MCDS-Therapy project is off to a great start. Having been awarded a grant of €5,700,000 from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 fund in December 2017,…

H2020 grant success!

The MCDS-Therapy project has been awarded €5,700,000 from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 fund. The MCDS-Therapy project has received the fantastic news that our application to the European Union’s Horizon 2020 fund has been successful.…